Construction Deconstructed

A historic increase in New York City’s new building permits in 2015 and 2016, particularly in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, has created a recent boom in the city that has not been seen since the early 1960’s. The sudden urgently in the past few years to start breaking ground is partially due to a 421 tax abatement program, that was designed to expire on June 15th 2016. Under this program, in exchange for providing some affordable housing and completing each project by 2019, owners could potentially waive property taxes on these properties for periods of 15-25 years. All this new construction combined with ongoing repairs from hurricane Sandy, existing projects, and recent infrastructure upgrades including bridges, roads, and water pipes, has turned NYC into one large construction site.


Theatrical Nuances

It’s the stories combined with acting, theatrical lighting, and sound that has attracted me to experimental theatre.  Each play shows the performance of its actors, the profound thoughts of the writer, the technical abilities of the lighting and sound crew, as well as the means of bringing it all together by the director.  A special thanks to Ellen Stewart of La Mama, director George Ferencz and Jerry Vezzuso.  Without their help and encouragement it would not have been possible for me to make this book. Thanks also to the actors that are portrayed.  I only hope I have portrayed their grace and composure as well on a two dimensional frame as compared to the quality of their performance on stage.